Calderdale Training Accesses Over £100,000 in Grants to Support Employers

Over the last year Calderdale Training has enabled local businesses to access over £100,000 of the Apprenticeship Grants for employers (AGE grants) via the National Apprenticeship Service, supporting a host of local companies to get involved with the Apprenticeship Programme by taking on an Apprentice.

The Grant is aimed at employers who have not taken on an Apprentice within the last 12 months and who would otherwise not have had the funds to take on an Apprentice without this assistance. A variety of companies from a broad range of Apprenticeship skill areas have benefited from the £1500 incentive. Local Hairdressers, Joiners, Plumbers, Nurseries, Restaurants and offices have all been able to employ an Apprentice with the help of Calderdale Training, in turn, helping more young people into work-based education.

According to The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 2013 report, Yorkshire and Humberside Apprenticeship starts from 2011 to 2012 were the 3rd largest in the UK. Calderdale Training continues to meet the ever growing demands for assistance in securing Apprenticeships and employing Apprentices. Over the last year alone, the College has worked with 360 employers and currently offers Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships in 16 skill areas from Hairdressing and Plumbing to Business Administration and Catering. The Apprenticeship Grant for employers has enabled over 75 companies to use the £1,500 grant (per Apprentice), to support them in developing an Apprenticeship job role and relevant support for the College’s cohort of eager and motivated candidates.

Andrew Rodney, Director of Business Development said: “Since August 2012 Calderdale Training has helped over 150 young people enter into the workplace by undertaking the Apprenticeship Programme. By securing Apprenticeship vacancies with a host of small, medium and large local employers, we are able to match you to the right business to meet your career ambitions.”

 For more information about the AGE Grant and the Apprenticeship scheme please email or call 01422 399325.