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Apprenticeships are Work Placed Learning Qualifications. They allow the Employer to develop their own workforce by assessing recognised and relevant qualifications for their employees or an Apprentice matched to them on their request.

Apprenticeships are developed in conjunction with Awarding Bodies and Sector Skills Councils made up of employers from industries that are there to ensure that young people get training in the skills that industry and employers need.

Calderdale Training currently offers Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships a variety of skill areas.

As an employer you must be able to commit to:

  • Providing the range and scope of work to match the requirements of the Apprenticeship framework for your skill area.
  • You must pay an Apprentice in compliance with the minimum of £3.30 per hour (current wage under the Apprenticeship Scheme) for a minimum of 30 hours per week. 

What’s in it for my business if I take on an Apprentice?

  • Helps you to grow and develop your own workforce
  • Helps to improve quality of service and product
  • Develops a highly skilled workforce whose standards are specified by the relevant Skills Sector Council
  • Attracts a higher calibre of staff
  • Develops your business’ skill base and offers progression routes for your workforce
  • Reduces recruitment costs due to lower staff turnover/use of casual labour
  • Provides a high profile way to promote your business’ social responsibility through investing in local young people
  • Support from a skilled and experienced Training Officer / Assessor

We currently work with a large range of employers; who we are currently surveying to find out their experiences of working with Calderdale Training, check back for the results of the survey.

If you would like more information please contact our team on:

01422 399325 or email CT@calderdale.ac.uk

One of our Business Development Team will be happy to come out and discuss your needs further.