Tips for Contacting Employers

Tips for finding and contacting employers:


  • Have a look on the internet, local directories etc, see if you can identify a company you would like to work with.
  • Be aware of any businesses with ‘help wanted’ signs, advertisements for staff in local newspapers. Approach them with the idea of taking on an Apprentice.
  • Make sure you CV is up to date and relevant to what the employer is looking for – they will want to see it! For CV advice visit the Careers website



  • Show that you are keen and interested whether you are contacting by phone, email or in writing. 
  • Say why you want to be an apprentice and particularly why you are interested in this type of work. 
  • Plan what you want to say and what you want to know before you pick up the phone or write. 
  • If you have any work experience or hobbies that are relevant mention them. 


  • Use "Dear Mr/Mrs" and a surname, "Hi" and first names are informal and don't show respect. 
  • Don't type your email or letter in capitals. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THE READER! 
  • Make sure you include your contact details, address and telephone number etc. 
  • Sign off with "Best wishes" or "Regards" as it is acceptable business language.  
  • ALWAYS check spelling and grammar use the spell check and ask someone to read through the email. Bad spelling can ruin your chance of being considered. 
  • If you are applying by email and attaching a CV then make sure that you have saved it with your name in the title ie "Alice Smith's CV and not just "CV" Check your emails regularly for replies. 


Please see our page on CV writing tips.


  • Plan what you want to say and what questions you want to ask before you ring. 
  • Ring someone you know for a trial run. It may feel weird, but it will help your confidence. 
  • Speak clearly and confidently tell the person your name say why you are ringing. If you have a contact name ask to speak to that person.  
  • Make sure you have pen and paper with you so that you can write down any information given to you.  
  • If the person you want to speak to is not available, ask if you can speak to someone else regarding apprenticeships.  
  • Or leave a message, asking if someone can ring you back. 


When you start your working life everything you do creates an image of you and your employer's first impressions could mean the difference between you getting a job and not. 

This includes what you put on the internet. Future employers often check the Internet for information on people who apply for jobs. Be careful what you put on sites like Facebook, Bebo and YouTube. You and your friends might think it is funny, but a potential employer may not! 

If your email address is rude, create a separate email account for your work life. would struggle to instil confidence from an employer!